Labatt Historic Collection

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Chapter One
The Birth of a Brewery
From humble beginnings in the village of Mountmellick, Ireland, John Kinder Labatt emigrates to London, Ontario and in 1847 establishes a Canadian brewing legacy.
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Chapter Two
The Challenge of Prohibition
As other Ontario brewers crumble under the restrictions of Prohibition in the 1910s and ’20s, Labatt survives and thrives, emerging as an industry leader.
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Chapter Three
Supporting Canada’s Troops
From the challenges of the World Wars to the present day, in wartime and in peacetime, Labatt proudly supports Canada’s armed forces.
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Chapter Four
A Team: The People of Labatt
Labatt is only as strong as its people, and from the company’s founding in 1847 to the present day, Labatt supports its employees.
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Chapter Five
Commitment to Canadian Communities
Labatt remains committed to the values of community support and social responsibility instilled in the company by its founder, John Kinder Labatt.
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Chapter Six
Labatt & Sports: A Winning Tradition
Labatt’s support for amateur athletes, leagues and fan-favourite professional sport teams extends back more than a century.
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Chapter Seven
Innovation & Inspiration
Labatt leads in innovative brewing, branding, and advertising practices, from the earliest days of the company to the 21st century.
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Chapter Eight
Labatt: The Legacy of a Legend
Founded by John Kinder Labatt twenty years before Canadian Confederation, Labatt grows alongside Canada, evolving from a regional brewery to a national icon.
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